Comprehensive Stuttering Therapy


A comprehensive approach

Stuttering is a complex condition involving much more than the disfluencies that non-stutterers notice. The bulk of the stuttering phenomenon is hidden. Stuttering affects the whole person. Stuttering includes destructive feelings, perceptions and emotions such as shame, embarrassment, guilt, low self-esteem, frustration and fear of particular speaking situations. The stuttering phenomenon also encompasses unusual behaviors such as irregular breathing patterns, eye contact avoidance and word substitutions.



Why Me?

You are a stutterer and you have the feeling that stuttering is spoiling your life. You might be thinking: “Why me? Why do I stutter and the others don’t stutter? Why do others have everything to be happy while stuttering is spoiling my life? WHY?”



Nobody is 100% Fluent

 According to statistics, stutterers account for about 1% of the population. Does this mean that 1% of the population stutters and that 99% of the population is perfectly fluent? As a stutterer you probably think that is the case but in fact reality is not that clear cut.


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